A Note to the Reader

You should know that the author is quite possibly one of the most genuinely non-partisan people in the United States.  This book is not about “Democrat” or “Republican”, nor about “left” or “right” or “conservative” or “liberal”.  Rather, it is simply about what is good and just and reasonable.  Yes, yes, I know that terms like “conservative” and “liberal” kinda sorta mean something or other.  But the definitions of those terms have been as corrupted in public use as have the politicians who so frequently use them.  So we should avoid framing things by such terms where possible, because it only serves to muddy the waters.

It is the author’s position that the American Citizen has gradually abdicated his place as the overseer of his own government and has now given over that responsibility to the two major political parties, which he can neither control nor influence by any ordinary level of action.  As a result, these two parties (and more specifically, the powerful cartel that runs them both) have such a head lock on our nation that they are now more or less unchallenged in their incessant violations of our ostensibly-supreme Constitution.

Unlike far too many, the author is under no delusion or hope that either of these parties will reform itself or that there is any value whatsoever in our continual and passive observation of the certain decline. Nor does he see any sense in supporting one party, along with its inherent evils, simply because it is deemed “better” than the other party, just as he would never seek to opine whether it is preferable to drink arsenic rather than strychnine.  He has, therefore, sought out solutions that are both immediately practicable and  circumpartisan—that is, that they simply go around the “two-party system” altogether, appealing directly to the people for change, rather than to the incorrigible government and its partisan sponsors.

Because of this circumpartisan approach, this book is politically “safe” in one sense.  That is, members of either major party may read in the knowledge that it was not written by a proponent of the other.  From another angle, however, this book is very dangerous.  In the eyes of those who are profiting from our miserable situation, this book will be viewed as quite a threat, provided it ever gains a large audience.   Indeed, if the paradigms promoted herein were widely adopted, it would surely mean the end of “business as usual” for a great many scoundrels, crooks, opportunists, and tyrants.

Lest you should assume…

It is my hope that the reader will resist the urge to pigeonhole every statement I make in this book.  If, to pick one possible example out of a thousand, I should state that the Health Care Reform of 2010 is “unconstitutional”, that is all I mean to say.  No one should assume that because I will say that it is unconstitutional, I am also implying that it’s a terrible idea in and of itself, and that anybody promoting such a thing is an enemy of the USA.  If that is what I mean to communicate, I will state it explicitly, relieving the reader of the need for assumption or speculation.

It is the nature of this present book to discuss complex issues by breaking them down into their various parts.  I will, therefore, criticize both George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama for misbehavior in specific instances without ever “taking sides” in the charade that we call the “Two-Party System”.  Though we are trained in this either/or society of ours to take partisan sides on practically every issue, I believe we can be mature enough to discuss bits and pieces of complex issues without having to battle acrimoniously over the ultimate conclusion at every step of the conversation.  In other words, let all the evidence be heard, and then we can draw a wise conclusion, which may sometimes even be “none of the above”!

Discussion: I wrote this book to start a national dialog. I’d love to hear your comments, whether large or small, positive or negative. Please comment below or contact me privately to let me know what you’re thinking!