It’s impossible for me to imagine having written this book without the constant dialog that I enjoy with my wife, Kay.  Our discussion started before we got married, and it continues on to this day, with no question out of bounds, and no possible answer ruled out without a fair hearing.  The concept for this book has been alive most of that time and the ownership in this project is as much hers as mine.

My thanks to Kay are also in order for helping with the mundane business of holding down the fort while I’m writing.  The running joke at home is that I’m busy “saving the country”.

Thanks also to Michelle for challenging my political thinking a few years ago—opening up an alternative to the conventional philosophy in which I was stuck at the time.  Once that door was opened, I realized just how free I was to do my own thinking in all matters, and how utterly necessary and proper it was that I do so.

As to that thinking, it has been greatly aided by the regular conversations with Kay, Garrett, Michelle, Jen, Ed, and Steve—all of whom have proved very valuable as sounding boards for my ideas and theories—and most recently, to Jim, who is probably the sharpest thinker I know.  Thanks to all those conversations, the reader will be spared all the things that were pondered and rejected along the way.

I’m also very grateful to Kay and to Michelle for unnumbered hours of proofreading and editing.

Thanks also to the countless folks who have published the books and blogs and videos I’ve rifled through in these last few years in search of an education in politics.  As one old friend put it, “Everybody’s got a piece of the puzzle, and you try to collect as many of them as you can.”

Though I don’t know quite how this came to be, I’ve turned into the kind of person who wants to know all the facts and to understand them in a way that neither exaggerates nor diminishes any of them.  Thus am I thankful for every little tidbit I can get my hands on along the way.

And finally, at the risk of being too abstract, I’m very thankful that there exists such a thing as truth itself.  (Some get ethereal at the mention of the word “truth” so if you’re one of those folks, please plug in “fact” every time you see the word “truth” in this book, so as not to lose my meaning.) I have noticed through direct observation that the truth about a matter is constant, and not subject to the ebb and flow of public opinion, emotion, whim, or fad.  It is because I am certain that truth exists that I am so intent on identifying it, passing it on to others, and most importantly, putting it to work to solve problems.

Nine paradigms have lately emerged as supreme in my mind, and among them are these:

  1. Always rational, all the time.
  2. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth—wherever it may lead.
  3. Self correction is the rightful duty of mankind.

What a wondrous thought that these timeless paradigms might find a groundswell in this generation!

Discussion:  I wrote this book to start a national dialog.  I’d love to hear your comments, whether large or small, positive or negative.  Please comment below or  contact me privately to let me know what you’re thinking!